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Arbitro - Togainu no Chi by PKlovesDW
Arbitro - Togainu no Chi
Our favourite charaacter from Togainu no Chi! ... Or perhaps not... Oh well! I actually made a speeddrawing out of this (really like making them! Editting is pretty awful, though...), which you can find on YouTube. This drawing is mostly for my mother, who asked me to make him when she visited me while I was playing TnC...

Speeddrawing: Arbitro on YouTube
Jellyfish by PKlovesDW
Well, I was in Germany last week. And of course I had to take a lot of pictures while I was in the zoo! This is one of my favourites (not the sharpest picture, but I do love all the colours!). Jellyfish actually manage to sneak their way into my heart (also, with the help of Clear. Goddamnit DMMd, you ruined me forever...). Anyway, Germany was nice and I took a lot of pictures! (a total of 185).
Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney by PKlovesDW
Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney
So, I've got myself a new printer, and as such a new scanner. I'll learn how to use the scanner one day ^^' As for who's my newest victim, it's Miles Edgeworth from the well-known Ace Attorney games! As I both love Miles and men in glasses, I couldn't resist drawing him with glasses. Also, I made my first speeddrawing ever! Still need to learn how to make speeddrawings, but it was fun enough! I just hope I did him justice (pun unintentionally made). (Though I think I made him look a bit like Rei from Love Stage!! ;-;)

YouTube speeddrawing link (4, nearly 5 min): here!
Kamui Gakupo - Madness of Duke Venomania by PKlovesDW
Kamui Gakupo - Madness of Duke Venomania
Oh ho ho ho~ "Now, shall we dance?"

So, as some of you may know, I have actually drawn this person a while back. Over a year ago, to be honest. And I have improved. A lot. But now Venomania's cravat makes me crave some Miles Edgeworth :(. Which is why he'll be my next victim ^^. Anway, this is the drawing I'm currently most proud of. Makes me wonder how long it'll be before a new "currently most proud of" will appear~

Old version: Here
Improvement meme thing: Here
WIP: on Tumblr
I have been tagged by :iconmissmeliszz:

- You must post these rules..
- Each person must share 10 things about them..
- Answer the 10 questions asked to you..
- Invent 10 questions that the people you tag should answer..
- Choose 10 people and use their icon in the journal..

10 Things About Me:
1: I currently injured my middle finger on my right hand, thus making in impossible/painful or tiresome to draw and/or type. Also, I did it in my sleep (probably), which kind of makes me loathe myself right now. I'll be paying the doctor a visit tomorrow.
2: Slightly more than an hour ago, I ended up breaking down crying over Shiki in Togainu no Chi.
3: I've acquired a pet snake 8 months ago.
4: I love wearing dresses, but it's rather warm still to wear some of my favourites.
5: I've come to absolutely adore manga and anime, though only rather recently (which means, only the past year or so).
6: I took a special course at my school this year, which means I can cut a year off of my education (the next year could be done in either 2 years, or 1. However, for the one year limit, there were some strict rules. It was hard, but whatever).
7: I manage to bruise pretty much everything. The average of bruising is twice a year. This year I've bruised my ribs, a muscle in my leg, two fingers, and maybe my middle finger (see #1).
8: I can actually be rather lazy at times.
9: I'm not an emotional person in real life, but when it comes to books/manga/anime/games/whatever, you can get me crying anytime (also, #2).
10: I'm bilingual, though I want to speak more languages! I'm fluent in both Dutch and English, though I'd like to learn more German (I only had one year of German, nearly 7 years ago), French and Japanese.

The questions from :iconmissmeliszz:

1. Have you ever thought, that what you were doing, was absolutely, irrevocably wrong, but you did it anyway?
Probably. But mostly innocent stuff like putting down horrid combinations in Cards Against Humanity.
2. What is that song stuck in your head right now? Like NOW...?
That would be "If I Were Gay", by Stephen Lynch (since I'm kind of listening to it right now XD).
3. Name your favourite song?
I don't really have a "favourite" song. Hmm, this is hard. I like so many songs. Maybe Breathe Gentle?
4. Write down a few lyrics you know by heart from this song.. DON'T LOOK IT UP :D (Big Grin)
Easy peasy. I know the lyrics to too many songs.
"I want to give you all of me, the underneath
Want you to show me imperfection's actually love
I thought I was cursed, I was cursed, destined to be lonely,
A circle in a world of squares where nobody knows me,
So with every footstep I must follow,
The kissing moments I thought were impossible"
5. Your favourite pick up line?
I don't have one. Fandom-related stuff might be nice, though.
6. Your favourite book/movie couple?
Hard to say. I've read so many books and seen so many films...
7. Which team are you on?? Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter. Definitely!
8. Favourite book type? Romance, Horror, Drama, Reality? Mixtures?
Haha, actually, thrillers are my very favourite! Also fantasy and detective book genres. Definitely!
9. Write down a movie line you know by heart..
I know so many! If I watch a film often enough, I can practically predict everything they're going to say (what happened to me with HP: TOotP. My godparents nearly turned the film off, since I was practically telling everything XD).
"It's gonna be a bumpy ride." Not the most intelligent thing in the Harry Potter films, but still a funny one!
10. What's going through your mind while reading these questions? ^-^
Argh, that I need some goddamned sleep already. It's already nearly morning of the next day.

My 10 questions to YOU: (I apologise in advance to the absolute randomness/bullshittiness of this)
1: Colour of the underwear you're wearing right now?
2: Last film/movie you've seen?
3: Favourite serie?
4: Do you like manga/anime? If so, what's your favourite?
5: Favourite game?
6: Oddest thing which happened to you?
7: Odd quirk about yourself?
8: Do you have pets?
9: Favourite animal?
10: Favourite clothes to wear?

I tag these people: (O, poor victims of mine! I always worry if people mind getting tagged ^^')

(And the tagged people will get a notification now...? If you got a notification, please tell me (I'm such a noob. Has Deviant really gotten so far the tagged people will automatically receive a notification? Because that's really awesome!))
  • Listening to: Stephen Lynch - If I Were Gay
  • Watching: My screen
  • Playing: Togainu no Chi
  • Drinking: Coke


PKlovesDW's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
(As for the different DeviantID, I thought making a more up to date picture should be helpful :). (made on 27-12-2013).

I share this account with my friend. We're Dutch and we're both girls.

We also have an account for our fanfics on FanFiction.Net

I also have a new Facebook account. Just tell me where you know me from, and I'll add you!

My hair is a mixture of blonde, brown and red. I have blue eyes, with green (and grey). Sometimes my eyes appear green, without a trace of blue. But usually you just see blue, and often with green in them.

I love to read, write, cycle, draw and listen to music. I love to do something with my friends and I'm really creative when I want to.

Current Residence: The Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: None specifically
MP3 player of choice: MP3 GoGear RaGa

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