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Tet - No Game, No Life by PKlovesDW
Tet - No Game, No Life
Have I ever mentioned how much I fangirl over this shota?! For those of you who don't know, this is Tet, from the anime No Game, No Life. Within 0.5 seconds I fell head over heels for him. Which is the reason I haven't drawn him yet XD. I couldn't stop fangirling and squeeling. Ah, Tet... I also made a speeddrawing for him! However, it's currently in Windows Movie Maker, so give me half an hour or so, and it'll be done.
Grell(e) Sutcliff - Black Butler by PKlovesDW
Grell(e) Sutcliff - Black Butler
If there's one character I love to draw, than it'd be Grell(e)! Third time drawing him and I can't get enough! Grell(e) would also be considered one of the more anoying characters to draw, as his face is really expressive :). Anyway, this time no speeddrawing (which I kind of regret^^') Media used: pencil, coloured pencils, a gell pen, and copic sketch markers.
Rin en Len  - The Sea of One Thousand Fathoms by PKlovesDW
Rin en Len - The Sea of One Thousand Fathoms
Once again, Vocaloid! Rin and Len will always be one of my favourites to draw! To be honest, I don't like Rin much in this drawing... Too much 70's shoujo... But Len makes up for it :D. His soulful gaze... I also made a speeddrawing for this one and you can find it here! At the very least there'll be a link down here. Well, I had a lot of fun drawing them!
Also, the full title is: The Sea of One Thouand Fathoms, the Shore Sand of Ten Thousands of Miles
(YouTube link for the song. Do listen to it! I really love their design in the song!)
My Summary of Art by PKlovesDW
My Summary of Art
Hello guys! Here is my Summary of Art 2014. You can find the blank summary here. Well, hang on to your seatbelts. I'll be adding ALL the links in! Both to the original source (Facebook) and to my links here, on deviantArt. I really have grown in my art, and I'm pretty proud of it ^^. August was absolutely smashing with drawings! It was hard to pick one... September was also great, with our Duke Venomania. And of course October and December were special, as they were also speeddrawings. Well, here you have all the links to Facebook (original source)!:
February:…;(also…;…; and…;)
March: nothing, zilch, nada.
April:…;(also…; and…;)
May: also nothing
July:…;(also…;,…;,…; and…;)
August: (a bit too many awesome drawings ^^’)…; (also…;,…;,…;,…;,…; and…;)
September:…; (also this drawing:…;)
November: once again nothing

Links to deviantArt sources:
January: here
February: here (also, improvement can be found here)
April: here
May: here (it's not in the official meme, which was pretty much my fault.. It definitely deserves its spot there!)
June: here
July: here
August: here
September: here (improvement can be found here)
October: here (speeddrawing can be found here, at YouTube)
December: here (speeddrawing can also be found at YouTube)

Whew. Have a nice new year, everyone!

It almost seemed to him that Damien wanted to be found, even though the first ward could've warded him off easily enough, were the feelings he had for Harry not true. Well, he'd prove Damien once and for all how he felt about his mate. With determined eyes, he looked for a way to get up. And then he'd find Harry and take him with him.


Narcissa and Lucius shimmered into existence, landing directly in front of the first ward. The woman put her hand against the invisible shimmering of magic, the barrier standing between her and her son. After a few seconds, though, she scoffed. "Not very advanced magic, is it?" she asked rhetorically, before stepping clean through. "A bit pathetic, actually. Probably childish as well. Come, Lucius, let us make haste. Draco has the advantage here, and I don't want him to do anything foolish."

Lucius stepped through a moment later, joining his wife's side. "Very well."

As they continued on, however, an unnatural wind whirled around them. "Tsk. Such an annoyance." With a swish of her hand, the harsh wind died down around them, leaving an eerie silence behind. "Come, Lucius. Let's end this charade of a kidnapping."

Lucius's lips twitched upwards slightly in a small smile. "Let's."


Draco's gaze swivelled back and forth from the tower and his surroundings. For sure it was a trap, but even though it was, it was far too easy. Things usually didn't work out so easily, and even if they did, it only predicted trouble. Well, there was nothing for it but to fall right into the trap. If it meant getting to Harry, it would be well worth it. Once more he touched the tower, trying to garner any clues from it. Clenching his hand, a small hole opened up in the tower, enough for him to climb his way up. Concentrating his magic on his hand and feet, he painstakingly climbed his way up the tower. The window quickly came into sight, and his heart beat stronger than it already did. He had to focus on his hand and feet, and not on either Harry or Damien, for he would lose his concentration and probably fall down. Gritting his teeth, he tried to block out every worst case scenario, and rose up along the window, sweat dripping from his head. His hands shook as he peeked out over the edge.

His breath hitched, and he quickly started to slide down the tower. Evening out his breathing again, he rose back up to the window, having to focus with his entire mind. Clearing his mind as best as he could, he scanned the room. It was darker than was natural, but a pale glow illuminated a small spot in the back. Trying to hold his uneasiness back, he carefully felt around the open space above him. If he hadn't been careful and had grabbed unto the latch when he slid down, he would've probably lost his arm. Along with the fall downward, there was no way he would be in any fighting shape. Feeling his way up the window, he made sure to stay out of sight. Damien probably would've known he was here the moment he had touched the tower, but it would do him no good to alert him directly. A shiver ran down his spine the longer he stuck around the hole which served as a window. The magic imbedded along the opening made him physically ill. 'Dark magic,' he thought as the suffocating air swivelled around him. It seemed to strangle him, and he breathed even harder, trying to stay in place.

All Elven magic was called Light, harmonious. Elves were creatures of nature, respecting the natural magic flowing around Earth. But of course there were those wanting more. Those Elves who abused the natural flow and who distorted it, creating Dark magic. It was considered a sin; a taboo.

That wasn't to say no-one would try their hand in it. And many would not recognise the difference in an Elf who just Light magic, and an Elf who used Dark magic. Only when they actually used Dark magic, or when their magical signature was checked, was the difference noticeable. Checking magical signatures itself was considered a light taboo, and was only used whenever a disappearance happened or in other dire circumstances. Besides those circumstances, it took a lot of concentration and magic to focus solely on one magical signature. Dark magic left its traces, and for someone who used Light magic, it could feel very uncomfortable, being near it. And Draco felts its effects. He grimaced, knowing he had to split his concentration in two. Kicking the tower, he created a wider hole to stand, and controlled his breathing. As poisonous as Dark magic felt to someone who used Light magic, the opposite was also true. Letting go of the tower with one hand, he used his right to write what seemed like random scribbles around the edge of the window. Some words were distinguishable between the gibberish. Licht… Magie… Bescherming… Liefde… Vertrouwen… Duisternis… Begin… Einde…

After a few more seconds of writing with his finger, the words he wrote and everything else lit up with a soft yellow glow. The air became easier to breathe in and the tightness around his body slackened. But he was still cautious. Harry was at the end of the room, probably closest to where Damien was. He slid down a bit again, and he frowned. His attention was divided. It had to be divided. Quickly assessing the situation, he did not care if he slid down a bit again. If Damien was in the same room, watching from the shadows, it would be impossible for him to not have noticed Draco. If he wasn't in the same room, it could be that there was still a trap on the window, and he would be alerted when someone disturbed it. Harry was most probably situated closest to the door, if there was any, in the room and would be near Damien if the blond was alerted. Both possibilities were the worst situations, though those were probably the most realistic as well. Noticing he had slid down quite a bit, he focussed back on the tower and climbed up again. His arms shook, and even the muscles in his legs were quavering. He didn't have a choice left but to gamble on his magic, even though there might've been other traps.

With his mind set, he climbed the remaining way up and hoisted himself up on the window. No dark magic greeted his hands, but his mind wasn't at ease yet. Far from it. Every hair on his body stood up, the entire air reeking of danger. His attention was divided between Harry and possible traps lying around, including Damien himself. There was no turning back, now. If he stepped into the room, whatever happened would happen. All he could do was try to keep the damage as low as possible. Taking a deep breath, he stepped out of the window frame and unto the stone floor below. Nothing happened. No tremor, no alarm sounding, no sudden appearance, nothing. Even though that would be comforting for most, to Draco it seemed even more threatening. Immediately scanning the surrounding area, his eyes eventually settled on Harry, though they didn't stay there for long. It would be dangerous to focus too much on one thing. His entire being seemed to scream out, however, when his eyes tore themselves away from his mate. Stomping on the urge to immediately go over to his made, he stood stock-still. Closing his eyes was out of the question. Of course an Elf didn't have to necessarily have to have his eyes opened. With all of the senses heightened beyond human measures, an Elf would be able to sense most things without even opening their eyes.

However, with another Elf as an opponent, such things could even get you killed if you weren't careful enough. Especially when said Elf possessed something dear to him and the added advantage of using Dark magic. Practicing the Dark was expressly forbidden in school, and with reason. It was a vile sort of magic, sapping the strength of any other Elf. It took an enormous amount of self-control and power to keep it up, which made it one of the only downsides to Dark magic.

Taking a cautious step forward, his eyes continued to take in the room, taking in any possible traps and the lay-out. As the tower made a person suspect, the room was round. It was darker than should be, probably aided by the help of magic, which made it seem as if it was a whole room, without a door. His gaze was then drawn to the floor, looking for any possible trap-doors. His senses were sky-rocketing, making his skin feel tingly and sensitive. He still had goose bumps and his eyes kept swivelling around, focussing on nearly too many things, while his heart jumped whenever his eyes wept past the sitting figure. The thought briefly crossed his mind that it could be Damien in disguise, sitting there. But it was as quickly banished as it had entered. Looks could be deceiving, but never would magic deceive the feel of a bond between mates. Nothing could ever mimic a bond between an Elf and his mate, not even Dark magic. Besides that, the faint blue light emanating from the spot his mate sat was more than enough to convince him. Having covered half of the room, his senses went haywire. Stopping, he looked around himself. It was dead quiet, save for his laboured breathing. His heart beating wildly, he slowly let his eyes roam across the vast expanse of tiles.

Something didn't feel right. Besides the obvious reasons why it wouldn't feel right, there was a certain air around, slowly suffocating him. Was it due to his own stress? Or was it something more sinister…? Damien hadn't greeted him yet, which could only allude to him laying a trap for him. Would he try to use his mate as a target…? Would he lay a trap for him personally, leaving Harry completely out of it…? His rage still hadn't quieted down, but his main concern was his mate. He never meant to involve Harry in any of this. It was his responsibility to keep his mate save, and he was intend to fulfil every expectation of him keeping his word.

Stepping forward again, the same unpleasant feeling swept over him, setting his teeth on edge. Either Damien himself was around, or his magic was. Harry was still quietly sitting in a chair as he approached, only a bit away from him. All his senses went into overdrive all at once, and he stood stock-still, trying to identify the way the attack came from. When he realised it came from above him, it was already too late. Without a chance to defend himself, the attack was full-on, without a hint of remorse. His entire back seemed to erupt in flames, and he cried out in pain. A kick between his shoulder blades sent him flying, the pain flaring up as Damien's foot made impact. His arms shook as he tried to get up, blood seeming to drip under his shirt. As his head lifted up, he came eye-to-eye with Harry, and his heart skipped a beat. It wasn't visible from the other end of the room, especially with all the darkness around, but his mate's face seemed to be every colour imaginable. Green eyes looked down at him, glistening in the dark room. His left eye was nearly invisible, a large bruise marring the skin around his eye. His jaw was even worse, both sides of his face covered in various shades of blue and purple. Draco's breath hitched as he looked at the state his mate was in.

Before a sense of guilt could settle within him, he felt the presence of Damien behind him, ready for his next attack. He had to get away, before Harry would get hurt more than he already had been. Rage filled within him, and he quickly rolled way, to sense a bolt of something fly past his cheek a hair's breadth away from him. Ending up in a crouch, he tried to ignore the stabbing pain in his back. With Damien's full attention now aimed entirely at Draco, Draco tried to lure him as far away from Harry as he could. He had sensed magic being used on Harry when he had been close to him. He couldn't clearly identify the intent of magic, just that it wasn't harmful. Dodging another attack, he tried to find a way to distract Damien for a bit. His manoeuvrability had greatly diminished with the first attack, which made him slower than usual. Deciding to use his very best weapon, the one he honed to a T, he opened his mouth. "So, Damien, you finally decided to show yourself. Perhaps if you would so kindly explain why you decided to kidnap, I would be pleased immensely." Circling around Damien, he kept his eyes carefully away from Harry. Folding his arms behind his back, he sought for the blood, which surely covered his back. Protective charms and spells usually worked best whenever they were tied to something. Usually blood or hair was preferred.

His mind raced, going through every possibility, though his feelings for Harry came first. Drawing a sign he knew well thanks to his education, he grimaced in pain as his fingers slid over the slick, painful skin. Breathing heavily though his nose, he finished the last stroke, relief spreading through him. A side-glance let him know his spell worked, as Harry was enveloped in a misty haze of gold. He would be all right now, no spells would hit him. At least, most of them. His attention quickly shifted back to Damien, who smirked unattractively.

"It doesn't matter why. At the end of the road, the end always justifies the means, don't you think? At least, it was a mentality which you seemed to live by." A purple buzz of energy flew passed Draco, barely grazing his cheek. Flinching at the stinging cold, he lifted his hand to his face. His fingers, which had already been covered in blood, came back even bloodier. His grey eyes shot glaringly at Damien. "The end always justifies the means…? Do you sincerely believe that? Are you foolish enough to even think I would turn out to be that kind of person? Sure, I have done awful things in school, but a person doesn't have to be tied down by what happened years ago. I've learned from my mistakes and moved on. I haven't actually hurt a person." Draco twisted his hand, sending a blinding blue light right at Damien's chest. For a moment the entire room seemed to fill with penetrating light. Draco quickly stepped away from his previous spot. Just as he took that step, a yellow light flew passed where he had been standing. The blue light diminished, and Damien stood to the right side of him, breathing heavily as he held his right hand in front of him, chest heaving. His blue eyes glared daggers at his opponent.

"Yes, the end justifies the means," he hissed, all traces of the happy, uncaring person gone now. In its place, an ugly emotion seemed to well up. Hatred filled the blue eyes, making them as icy and uncaring as the harsh winter lands. "You always got what you wanted! You always had whatever you wanted to have! You drew every person towards you! How could someone who had it all ever begin to understand what I went through?! Every single thing was handed to you. Even in school everyone seemed to adore you. You, who looked down on all of us! You, who didn't even had to work for a single thing, who had all the teachers in his pocket! How could it be you weren't hated?! You didn't deserve any of it, didn't work for it!" With those words, magic flared to life wildly. Draco stepped back cautiously, trying to predict his opponent's movements. His senses, which were usually so calm and direct, seemed to have completely abandoned him now. Everything seemed to go haywire; a lot of his attention went to Harry, still sitting in his chair. Another part tried to comprehend his opponent's moves, but wasn't able to, due to the wild burst of magic. Especially since a lot of the magic gone haywire seemed to be Dark. At least Damien's back was turned to Harry, which made Draco the sole outlet for his magic and anger.

'The ceiling,' his mind seemed to suddenly suggest. Not having any room to doubt, he jumped, sticking out his hands. At the same moment his feet had left the ground, a massive energy was released. It nearly sent him out of his original course. The ceiling was originally higher than he had planned, and he was only able to hang on with a few fingers stuck in the stone structure. The force of the blast made his body sway back and forth. With such a massive release of power, the other party had to be exhausted. But that notion was quickly blown away as another attack advanced, at the exact spot he was hanging from. Swinging back and forth, he quickly grabbed onto the ceiling, closer to Damien. Pushing away from it, he aimed his legs at Damien's chest. If one relied on magic too much, it would exhaust a person even more. Alternating between physical attacks and magic was usually advised. But whenever blind hatred was involved, such rules and suggestions were blown into smithereens. However, physical attacks brought along a lot of risks, especially if a person used Dark magic. It made an enemy more unpredictable and the use of magic was completely different. Countermeasures could be taken to ward off physical attacks, such as a spell which made a person untouchable. Or rather, the person who touched him would be electrified.

But not even fear registered in Draco's mind as his feet finally made impact. He immediately rolled away and onto a crouch, assessing the situation. Damien didn't fall over. Instead, he got the wind knocked out of him and used magic to keep himself upright. Seeing his change, Draco swivelled his foot across the floor, hooking it behind Damien's ankle. At the same time, he moved his elbow and drove it into his abdomen. But Damien's back didn't hit the ground, as Draco would suspect. Instead, Damien used his hands to push away from the ground, and threw himself into a handstand, hitting Draco's head in the momentum. Tumbling to the ground, Draco caught himself just in time, his hands directly pushing him away from the ground as another spell sizzled on the place he had been a moment earlier. His heart in his throat, he barely managed to avoid another spell shimmying past him. As this had been aimed from a different angle, it made part of the ceiling above Draco cave in. Not expecting an attack from two fronts, he made a dive for the ground, rolling away from the rubble coming down. Metallic sounds echoed across the room, though Draco didn't have the time to pay it any heed. The height of the ceiling was to his advantage this time, as it made dodging the attack manageable. Finally countering the other spell coming at him, he started to put the knowledge he had gained to good use. His family didn't come next to the Royal Family for nothing. His mate got hurt in all of this, which made him see red in rage.

All he needed was a bit of time. It would be best to knock Damien out. A plan started to form in his mind. A combination of both magic and physical strength would be needed. First, he would send part of the floor flying, distracting Damien. Another part of the floor would launch him passed Damien, quicker than he could react to it. If he was lucky, he might hit Damien as he flew passed him. If not, he would just knock him out after he was behind him. After Damien was out cold, he could use one of the techniques which were being used in his line of work. Create a cage in which no magic could be used, either Light or Dark. It was the best way to contain a dangerous person with the least damage to both parties and surroundings.

However, any such thoughts were immediately erased from his mind. In those few seconds, he made a fatal error. He stared. He stared at Harry, who was standing behind Damien, a pole of metal in both hands, raised and poised to land a painful blow on the blond head. The few seconds Draco stared sealed their fate. Damien turned halfway and snapped his fingers. An invisible force threw Harry against the wall across from them. Draco's voice raised itself immediately, and he unconsciously took a step forward, a lost sound escaping his throat as he heard the snapping of bones.

"Stop." The sound of a single word made Draco's legs stop unwillingly. His mate was in danger. No force in the world could stop him if need be. His legs, however, were still nailed to the ground. Unwillingly, but after the next sentence he would've remained standing, even without magic aiding the other teen.

"Stop, or dear Harry might get hurt even more." Damien made a half-turn, keeping either eye on either person. Lifting his hand, he beckoned Harry's slumped figure. As if it was possessed, Harry's body dragged across the floor, his feet dragging over the cold stones. Damien's outstretched arm cradled Harry's limp body against his side. A cold shudder went through Draco, making him nauseous. That was his mate, the one he vowed to protect…! Draco stepped out of the way to let them through. "What are you going to do to him?!" Draco demanded, his eyes spitting fire. His hands were balled into fists, magic literally crackling around him.

Damien walked backwards, avoiding the rubble. "You know, I wanted to match my strength against yours. But a gentleman knows when to stop in time. In the end, your lovely mate made it easier for the both of us. Come on, follow me." Still walking backwards, Damien walked back towards the window, even though it was still quite a way removed from where they were walking. Draco walked after Damien, Harry's limp body in his direct line of sight. He couldn't stop staring. His mate's breathing was laboured, and it sounded as if something was obstructing his usual inhalations. His heart despaired, but his mind was trying to scramble every last bit of strategy together. Different kind of scenarios went through his head, but he discarded them all. Was there even a trapdoor that way? He hadn't seen it, but then again, it may have been covered up. "Don't worry. In fact, you should cheer up. I won't harm your precious mate any further than this. I have taken quite a liking to him." His smirk made Draco want to murder the other Elf.

When they neared the window, Draco felt a familiar vibe. Obviously, Damien hadn't noticed it. Draco quickly realised he was the only one, as he was the only one who would be able to sense it. His heart started beating wildly, and a lot of questions swirled through his mind. But mostly, a sense of fear took hold of his heart. If Damien knew, then Harry would be the first to face the brunt of his anger. He could only pray the other party knew what they were doing. Trying to calm his senses, they started to approach the window. Suddenly, a shadow blocked the little moonlight which had been there. Immediately Damien turned around. And froze. Literally froze. His feet were frozen to the ground, while the rest of his body seemed to be stuck in the same position. Draco nearly sobbed in relief as he saw his mother majestically floating outside the window, a frown on her face.

"Draco, darling, are you all right…?" However, her concerned gaze quickly slid over the unconscious Harry, and she gasped in shock. "Lucius, dear, come quickly!"

A few seconds later, Draco's father floated next to his mother. He paled instantly, before setting foot in the windowsill. "Draco, explain the situation at once!" His father's urgent words spurred Draco on.

"Damien has kidnapped Harry. He was just about to leave this tower with him and me. Harry accidentally got caught up in a spell." Guilt gnawed at him, but he stomped it down for now. Stepping forward, a piercing pain in his leg made him wince. Probably miss stepped somewhere. Draco walked up to Damien, and punched him in the face. A satisfying crack echoed across the room. "You deserve far worse than this." Prying Harry away from unyielding arms, he immediately checked his heartbeat and breathing. "Mum, he needs help. Quickly." Lifting Harry in his arms, careful not to make his injuries worse, he looked forlornly at his mother.

"Lucius, dear." One look at her husband told him enough. Stepping through the window, he went to take care of Damien.

Narcissa gently gripped her son's shoulder, and the three of them floated down. As they touched the ground, they immediately whisked away. Time would be essential that night.
-Drarry- Unwavering Love Ch. 23

A/N: Well... It has been one and a half year. 1.5 year... That is a long while ago... Just read my lame excuses, or just start reading directly! Enjoy either way!

In this one and a half year, much has happened, really... A year ago, I took a special course in school, which enabled me to finish a certain level within 1 year, instead of 2. However, I needed to have decent grades. I had to have a 7 (1=worst, 10=best) for Dutch, English and Math. Since I'm not that great at Math, I had to give my all to get my passing grade at the end of the year; a 7. And I did. Which means I'm now at level 4! But, what after that? Get a job, go to a new school... And I chose a new school. Which is going to me Oriental Languages and Communication (Japanese). But, I have to move for my next education. Or travel 200 km to and fro. 400 km in a day is not do-able. So I have to move... Which I will do next Summer... So, I'm busy planning my life, which meant fanfiction was put on the back-burner. Also, shifting interests also had to do with it, since I'm getting real excited about manga and anime. Anyway, a lot happened (more than I can put here). Let's keep it at that! It isn't proofread that much, so I'm sorry for any stupid mistakes! It's already past 4 AM here, but I just had to update! Merry Christmas, and a Happy New year!

You guys rock my world and must be absolutely thrilled, relieved and whatever to see a new update, finally, and I want you guys to know that I will NEVER abandon this fic! It might take a while for me to update, but I will definitely finish it!

(Shamelessly stealing my A/N from FF ;-;)


Unwavering Love Ch. 22

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10 Things About Me:
1: I currently injured my middle finger on my right hand, thus making in impossible/painful or tiresome to draw and/or type. Also, I did it in my sleep (probably), which kind of makes me loathe myself right now. I'll be paying the doctor a visit tomorrow.
2: Slightly more than an hour ago, I ended up breaking down crying over Shiki in Togainu no Chi.
3: I've acquired a pet snake 8 months ago.
4: I love wearing dresses, but it's rather warm still to wear some of my favourites.
5: I've come to absolutely adore manga and anime, though only rather recently (which means, only the past year or so).
6: I took a special course at my school this year, which means I can cut a year off of my education (the next year could be done in either 2 years, or 1. However, for the one year limit, there were some strict rules. It was hard, but whatever).
7: I manage to bruise pretty much everything. The average of bruising is twice a year. This year I've bruised my ribs, a muscle in my leg, two fingers, and maybe my middle finger (see #1).
8: I can actually be rather lazy at times.
9: I'm not an emotional person in real life, but when it comes to books/manga/anime/games/whatever, you can get me crying anytime (also, #2).
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The questions from :iconmsmellaa:

1. Have you ever thought, that what you were doing, was absolutely, irrevocably wrong, but you did it anyway?
Probably. But mostly innocent stuff like putting down horrid combinations in Cards Against Humanity.
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That would be "If I Were Gay", by Stephen Lynch (since I'm kind of listening to it right now XD).
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"I want to give you all of me, the underneath
Want you to show me imperfection's actually love
I thought I was cursed, I was cursed, destined to be lonely,
A circle in a world of squares where nobody knows me,
So with every footstep I must follow,
The kissing moments I thought were impossible"
5. Your favourite pick up line?
I don't have one. Fandom-related stuff might be nice, though.
6. Your favourite book/movie couple?
Hard to say. I've read so many books and seen so many films...
7. Which team are you on?? Mortal Instruments, Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter. Definitely!
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Haha, actually, thrillers are my very favourite! Also fantasy and detective book genres. Definitely!
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I know so many! If I watch a film often enough, I can practically predict everything they're going to say (what happened to me with HP: TOotP. My godparents nearly turned the film off, since I was practically telling everything XD).
"It's gonna be a bumpy ride." Not the most intelligent thing in the Harry Potter films, but still a funny one!
10. What's going through your mind while reading these questions? ^-^
Argh, that I need some goddamned sleep already. It's already nearly morning of the next day.

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(As for the different DeviantID, I thought making a more up to date picture should be helpful :). (made on 27-12-2013).

I share this account with my friend. We're Dutch and we're both girls.

We also have an account for our fanfics on FanFiction.Net

I also have a new Facebook account. Just tell me where you know me from, and I'll add you!

My hair is a mixture of blonde, brown and red. I have blue eyes, with green (and grey). Sometimes my eyes appear green, without a trace of blue. But usually you just see blue, and often with green in them.

I love to read, write, cycle, draw and listen to music. I love to do something with my friends and I'm really creative when I want to.

Current Residence: The Netherlands
Favourite genre of music: None specifically
MP3 player of choice: MP3 GoGear RaGa

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Van-Syl-Production Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the watch :)
PKlovesDW Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student General Artist
You're very welcome! I've seen your work a lot, and decided to not be just some lurker, but to actively follow your brilliance! I'm always amazed whenever you release your art!
Van-Syl-Production Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
thank you so much for your support~ I really appreciate it! :3
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PKlovesDW Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2015  Student General Artist
Finally I'm going to reply properly to this, like I've been meaning to for the past month or so! Thank you so much! You're an amazing person yourself! I appreciate eveything you do and you're just a nice person in general! Kudos to you!
IloveKanameKuran Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Student Photographer
You're very welcome. Thanks so much, I'm glad that someone else does. I enjoy doing what I do even if it takes me. Kudos to you too, you're an amazing person as well and I love your work. :)
H-A-Cooke Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello PKlovesDW!

Thank you for participating in Drarry-Love's  November:  Very Drarry Icebreaker! You answers and two of your deviations have been featured in a journal at Drarry-Love!

Your deviation in our Gallery: Drarry-Hot Chocolate  - has been moved to the Featured folder!

And last but not least we hope you enjoy the  Albino Llama Badge you've received! Thanks for making Drarry-Love a more active group!

~  Co-Founder: H-A-Cooke
PKlovesDW Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem at all! I've always loved the group! I'm kind of sorry I haven't posted anything, though ^^'. I hope to remedy that soon... I want to thank you guys for making the group so awesome and tightly-knit.
H-A-Cooke Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I try my best! I noticed a while back the Founder wasn't on, so decided to take the group into my hands and see if I could liven it up again!

There is a contest open now! The Drarry Holiday Contest. So this could be your opportunity to submit something to the group!
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